El Cid Vacations Club: I Need A Vacation!

16 09 2009

Oh, don’t we all? If you are like me and are in constant need for a de-stressing from all your distress, consider getting an El Cid Vacations Club (ECVC) membership right away. I am sure you have heard of vacation club memberships and time-sharing and the like. But how do these things really work? And what are the advantages of getting memberships to these clubs when you can just book a hotel through your travel agent anyway?

Let me begin by saying that being a member of the ECVC will entitle you to a certain number of points every year. The number of points you are given will depend on the membership package you choose. You can use these points for your next vacation as the club lets you use them for your accommodations, either in a hotel or their resort condominiums, plane tickets, cruise packages, car rentals and their “Experiential Vacation” packages.

Do not worry about being unable to use up your points that you are given for the year. They are transferrable for the next year. Also, should you find yourself short of points for this year, you can also rent points so that you can get the vacation package you want.

By becoming a member of our vacation club, you are given advanced reservation priority to any El Cid Resort in the world. You will also be given internal access to choice Wyndham Resorts by virtue of their exchange program with the club. You are automatically enrolled in RCI (a worldwide exchange company) giving you the option to use any of the 4000 affiliated resorts. There are also various other resorts around the world wherein ECVC has exchange programs with, including Cruise and Experiential Vacations which include Golf Clinics, Safaris and many more.

So how many points are you allotted each year? A VIP at ECVC is given three hundred thousand points per year. If you get the VIP Gold Membership, you are given five hundred thousand points. The VIP Platinum meanwhile is given one million points. More points means more benefits, more discounts, more options.

With ECVC, your choices and options are limitless. But how do you narrow down which among their offerings is right for you? First, find out how many people in your family or party can make it to your next vacation. Then, you can check out the ECVC guide for the types of hotel and condominium units available and the number of occupants these accommodations will hold.

The next thing you have to figure out is what type of vacation you are in the mood for. You may want to do an all out relaxation weekend or you might want to join a cruise. You also have to know where you want to take your vacation, be it in the Caribbean Islands, within the United States, Mexico or Europe. Yes, ECVC has resorts in Europe!

Just remember that if you decide to take your vacation during peak season, it will cost you more points. So it is wise to consult their “Use Year” chart to plot out when you can take vacations so as to maximize your points.

There are just so many ways to travel and save with the El Cid Vacations Club. Become a member today!




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